Rangoon Ruby Catering Has Now Expanded!

After many years of growing a successful catering program here at Rangoon Ruby, we have now expanded our services to include our sister restaurants and will all be operating under one company as Concierge Catering.

Concierge Catering.png

Born from the Rangoon Ruby Restaurant Group, Concierge Catering is a new service-first catering company that represents a family of high-quality restaurants across a variety of cuisines.

We offer delicious Authentic Burmese from Rangoon Ruby, Gourmet Burgers from Wahlburgers, Comfort Food from Ella's American Kitchen, Authentic Peruvian from Ají Limo, and Regional Indian Fare from Bombay Ruby.

*Please note that when ordering delivery there is a $300 minimum purchase requirement. When ordering from more than one restaurant there is a $250 minimum purchase requirement.